Why Blachford Metal Working and Wire Drawing?

Blachford has been manufacturing world class Metal Working Fluids and Wire Drawing Lubricants for more than 50 years.

Some of our most popular product brand names include:

  • Chemdraw® stamping, drawing, pilgering, and hydroforming fluids
  • Chemdraw® wire drawing lubricants
  • Quaker Draw® stamping and drawing fluids
  • Quintolubric® fire resistant hydraulic fluids
  • Ferrocote® corrosion prevention fluids
  • Quakercool® machining and grinding fluids
  • Quakercoat® tube and pipe coatings.
  • Quakerclean® surface cleaner and soil removal fluids

Products for Metal Working

Our specialty metal working industries are automotive, tube and pipe, and any application where high performance biodegradable, fire resistant metal working fluids are required.

In addition to Blachford’s line of metal working products, under license, we manufacture or distribute many Quaker Chemical trademark registered brand name metal working fluids for stamping and drawing, rolling, casting, machining and grinding, corrosion prevention, cleaning, pilgering, and the coating of tube & pipe.

Blachford manufactures Quaker Quintolubric® Hydraulic Fluid in the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada facility.

Our products are well known for reliable quality and performance.

Lubricants for Wire Drawing

Blachford supplies world-class products to the global wire drawing industry. We sell to more than 20 countries on 5 continents.

Although Blachford produces drawing lubricants for most types of wire, our top focus segments are technically advanced wire products such as welding wire, tire bead, tire cord and spring wire, where the use of a high performance wire drawing lubricant is most critical.

Blachford manufactures a line of low-dust sodium and calcium based lubricants for the same critical applications. In addition to offering significantly lower nuisance dust levels on equipment surfaces, these lubricants offer lower consumption rates, higher production speeds, and longer die life.

We also produce high performance wet wire drawing lubricants for non-ferrous wire applications such as copper and aluminum. For many of our non-ferrous wire customers, we have developed new liquid lubricants which operate at a significantly lower consumption level and provide excellent lubricity for extended die life.

In addition, Blachford manufactures grease and paste products, and liquid concentrates for emulsions, which are used in non-ferrous, ferrous, and coated-ferrous wire drawing applications. Blachford precoats are used in both batch and continuous in-line preparation of rod and wire. Our lime and borax substitutes cut costs by up to 50% while reducing environmental impact.