Our specialty metal working industries are automotive, tube and pipe, and any application where high performance biodegradable, fire resistant metal working fluids are required. We also serve other metal working industries involved in making metal products which require machining and grinding, rolling, casting, stamping and drawing, pilgering, and associated corrosion prevention and cleaning.

Under license, we produce many Quaker Chemical trademark registered brand name metal working fluids for stamping, drawing, machining and grinding, corrosion prevention, cleaning, and tube/pipe coatings. These products are well known for reliable quality and performance. Some of our most popular product brand names include:

  • Chemdraw® stamping, drawing and hydroforming fluids
  • Quaker Draw® stamping and drawing fluids
  • Quintolubric® fire resistant hydraulic fluids
  • Ferrocote® corrosion prevention fluids
  • Quakercool® machining and grinding fluids
  • Quakercoat® tube and pipe coatings.
  • Quakerclean® surface cleaner and soil removal fluids