Blachford supplies high-quality mill conditioners. These cleaners, corrosion, and rust inhibitors are applied on the last stand of the tandem mill and help to keep the rolls and the strip clean of debris and oxidized organic compounds for the production of clean sheets, without the need for a separate cleaning process.

After annealing for softening purposes, coils are temper-rolled to improve shape and mechanical properties. We provide wet temper mill lubricants for coated and non-coated ferrous products, which are actually designed as cleaners.

Alkaline cleaners are available in liquid and powder form. They are used to clean and remove soils from ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates normally found in the steel and metalworking industries. These cleaners are compatible for use with other Blachford metalworking fluids and other corrosion preventives.

We also provide maintenance cleaners, floor cleaners, and coolant system cleaners.

Our cleaners are sold under the Quaker Chemical registered trademarks, Quakerclean®, Quaker Formula®, and QuakleenTM, and under the Blachford registered trademark of Blachford Cleaner HD.