Fluid Recycling Service (FRS)

H.L. Blachford offers our customers a lubricant delivery and recycle model designed specifically to individual process requirements. Our program helps our customers to:

  • Minimize lubricant usage and fluids disposal
  • Reduce virgin lubricant use – typically by 30%
  • Reduce waste disposal requirements – typically by 80%
  • Maximize machine performance
  • Improve employees working environment
  • Reduce coolant / oil contamination
  • Establish routine coolant analysis and documentation

Services Background

H.L. Blachford Management Services (AKA Fluid Service Management, Process Management or Chemical Management) offers a full range of process expertise and support. Our programs have received customer certifications and awards for excellence and performance.

Our focus is on helping customers control the acquisition, delivery, storage, application and disposal of process fluids and quality of parts.

H.L. Blachford Management Services provides (but is not limited to):

  • Inventory Management
  • Process Monitoring and Management
  • Equipment Upgrading and Designing
  • Chemical Usage Reporting
  • Chemical Sampling
  • Oil Monitoring and Analysis
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Fluid Recycling
  • Waste Management
  • Technical Support
  • Engineering Services


Case Study 1: Metalube™ Lubricool 318 meets the demands of Niehoff MMH 32 multi-wire machine



One of India’s largest wire and cable producers, which manufacturers high-quality electrical wire for multiple market segments, approached Metalube™ looking for a lubricant partner that would be able to achieve the high-performance objectives required to run their Niehoff MMH 32 multi-wire machine. The copper wire produced by the company was both ISI marked and approved by the FIA/TAC, so it was necessary for the lubricant to uphold and deliver the highest manufacturing standards.



Metalube™ recommended the use of Lubricool 318™, a high performance, semi-synthetic lubricant designed for high speed drawing of intermediate, fine and super fine copper wire. In addition, to ensure the longevity Metalube™ proposed the use of Metacare NP™ and Metacare NH™, which when used as a post additive, further increased and optimised the performance and life of the lubricant.

  • Achieved production speeds of 31 m/sec for 0.2mm copper wire
  • Average monthly production of 350 tonnes 
  • Lubricool 318 provided 4 ½ year sump life in 7,500 litre system and is still producing to this day 
  • Excellent pH and emulsion stability
  • Low maintenance

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Case Study 2: Aluminum Wire Drawing Lubricant, Alumol™ 145, Outperforms the Competition by 137% in Hungary

A Hungarian customer had historically used aluminium wire drawing lubricant Alumol™ 145 for drawing a mixture of pure and alloy aluminium rod at 25-30 m/sec on Henrich rod breakdown machines with 4000L tanks. The customer had decided to trial a locally sourced alternative lubricant at the same time as a new fill of Alumol 145.     
The comparison between the two tanks revealed that the competitor product thickened at an accelerated rate. After 8 months in operation and 2000 tonnes drawn, the lubricant had become thick to the point that it could no longer be pumped. Conversely, the Alumol™ 145 saw a 19 month sump life and 4520 tonnes drawn. The results showed that the machine running Alumol™145 produced cleaner wire and had a much greater level of efficiency.

The performance was further enhanced with the subsequent introduction of Alumol VRX, a performance booster developed to extend the product life of the Alumol range. As the lubricating oil comes to the end of its life, the addition of Alumol VRX is utilised to reduce the viscosity and improve the lubricity of the oil thus maintaining the high quality of the finished wire.


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Case Study 3: Lubricool™ 22G Meets the Production Demands of Bahra Cables


Bahra Cables is  one of the largest producers and distributors of industrial wire and power cable products in the Gulf Region.


To meet product demand, Bahra Cables invested in the latest state-of-the-art, high-performance wire drawing machinery. In addition, the growing wire and cable company was searching for a lubricant solution that would meet their production and high quality objectives as well as offer technical support and guidance when needed.


  • Meet production speeds of 36 m/sec
  • Wire diameter within the tolerance of +0.02mm
  • Elongation of > 30%
  • Shining colour and smooth surface
  • Wire resistance within the standard tolerance
By utilising Lubricool™ in conjunction with good in-house controls, daily monitoring, filtration and the ongoing use of Metacare™ NEC-50 as a conditioning tonic, Bahra Cables has achieved a considerable sump life, limited downtime and reduced disposal costs, which represents a significant savings in cost and environmental benefits.  A further illustration of the performance outcomes achieved can be found below.

Lubricool™ & Metacare™ application at Bahra Cables achieved:

  • Maximum production speeds of 36m/sec
  • Average daily production of 120 tonnes of drawn copper, equating to more than 40,000 tonnes per year on one Niehoff MM85 machine
  • Lubricool™22G provided 3 years’ life in 8,000L system
  • Excellent pH and emulsion stability, low maintenance, high performance copper wire drawing lubrication was achieved.

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Case Study 4: Copper Wire Drawing Lubricant


Savings = CAD$138,370 over the life of the project

Waste reduction = 75,700 litres (166,540 lbs.) over the life of the project


A major copper wire drawing company in Ontario, Canada that used neat oil in its armouring section wanted to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve working environment
  • Maximize machine performance
  • Improve site health and safety
  • Minimize oil usage and disposal
  • Reduce oil contamination
  • Establish routine oil analysis and documentation

Areas that needed to be examined included:

  • Recycling chemistry of the lubricants
  • Chemical segregation of the fluids used in the plant
  • Wire quality and rust protection
  • Inventory management

Over the life of this project, Blachford has worked with the customer to:

  • Design, fabricate and install a waste oil tank with filters and pump to clean the waste oil before collecting in the tank.
  • Recycle 100% of the used oil, therefore reducing the amount of virgin lube that has been used and cutting the amount of waste that has been generated.


  1. L. Blachford’s sales and service team implemented a recycling and waste reduction program that has saved the customer over CAD $138,370 over the life of project. The volume of waste reduced is almost 75,700 litres, or 166,540 pounds over the life of project.

Customer References

  • Superior Esses
  • Nexans
  • Belden
  • Prysmian

Case Study 5: Metalube™ Metachain DW-280, delivers optimised cleanliness and 84% savings on Grenzebach board dryer.


One of the largest Indonesian plasterboard manufacturers, PT Knauf Gypsum, started to develop issues with dirty track chains and sprockets with high level of carbon deposits on their Grenzebach board dryer. PT Knauf Gypsum approached Metalube™ seeking assistance in solving the issues caused by their existing lubricant.

Metalube™ identified clear lubrication objectives to help PF Knauf Gypsum optimise the performance of their manufacturing processes.

  • Clean chains and sprockets
  • Reduce carbon deposits
  • Reduce lubricant

For the application, Metalube™ recommended Metachain DW-280™


Prior to switching lubricants, Metalube™ assisted PT Knauf Gypsum by deep cleaning the board dryer. This provided the optimal operating conditions for the new lubricant. After the cleaning and application of Metachain DW-280™, the factory saw vast improvement. Metachain DW-280™, which employs an advanced synthetic chain oil technology, provided increased thermal stability over previous lubricants, and yielded a much-improved overall performance for the customer. Other benefits included:

  • Improved cleanliness of chains and sprockets
  • Significant reduction in carbon deposits on chain and machine 
  • 84% savings in lubrication consumption – previously using 50 litres of lubricant, now using 8 litres of DW-280 after switching to Metalube 

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